Cartridge dispense arm stuck. Tank not filling

I have recently started up my Form 2 again having not used it for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been printing with black resin RS-F2-GPBK-04 for a month or so and up until now the machine has worked perfectly.

When I started the newest print (with a new cartridge of black resin) I came back to find the tank had filled almost to the point of overflowing. I carefully removed the resin from the tank and put as much as I could back into the cartridge. I started the print again and realised the cartridge was not extruding any resin.

I eventually discovered that for some reason the cartridge dispense arm was stuck in the ‘open’ position. I’m not sure how this problem can be fixed but it has cost me a lot of time and resin.


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Hello @BThornton,
I notice this post is almost three months old but I was wondering if you found a solution to your problem, as I am experiencing the same issue right now. The dispenser arm of my Form 2 is stuck halfway between the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ position, so the resin would slowly drip into the tank and eventually spill (which it didn’t luckily). So far, customer support will probably send me a replacement unit of the dispensing system in two weeks but I’d rather find a quicker way.
All the best

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Hi, When I got in touch with Formlabs customer support about this they advised I take out the cartridge floor and clean the arm with IPA. These were the instructions they gave me:
This didn’t work with mine as some screws were wedged in place making it impossible for me to remove the cartridge floor (eventually resulting in me getting mine replaced) but it might work for you and save a bit of time.
I hope this helps!

Hi again, I figured I’d let you know how it went:
I cleaned the dispenser arm with IPA but that didn’t do the trick, unfortunately. So since Formlabs was out of replacement cartridge floor units, I got a refurbished Form 2 a week later, which works just fine to this day.
Best regards