Can't connect to password-protected wifi networks

I own a Form3L printer. it correctly shows available WIFI networks, but the printer does not respond when I select a password protected network. it doesn’t freeze, but simply refuses to react to the input. the problem does not exist for unprotected WIFI networks.
suggestions are much appreciated!

Does the ‘protected’ wifi network have other security on it like only known hardware addresses?
Experiment and see what happens when trying to hotspot it to your phone.

thanks Delta001.

there is no additional protection of any kind.

Did the printer connect to your phone?
Can your phone connect to the ‘protected’ wifi?
What about the type of encryption on your ‘protected’ wifi?, I see Formlabs only support WPA / WPA2 on F3 or later printers

Thanks. tried today, and connection to my (password-protected) phone hotspot works.

i checked on the protection of the networks i attempted connecting to previously, and they are WPA2 protected, so I don’t understand what issue the printer has in connecting to them.

Is it really your printer or is it your network thats the issue, what happens connecting your phone to your network?

my phone uses the networks in question without any issue.

i’ve updated the firmware (over my phone) and still can’t connect to the other networks.

You have proven the printer can connect to your phone with a password, so its not the printer. There will be some security with your network. Is a particular IP address required for the protected wifi?
Check with your IT people.

I am trying to connect with network cable. our IT dept assigned a static IP that I put in the 3L but is unable to find the printer. WIFI is not available.

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