Candy Colors

A few more in the next days Edit: Blue isn’t easy but here r light blue, breath blue and punto blue

wow… amazing… can i know what colorant did you add in?

Here r some more candy colors. If they r stable we will c in the next days. @ Nan Lin: please wait until I have done some test. I don’t want to ruin ur maschine xor ur designs.

Hi printers and princessters, I’ve got the new softwareupdate 0.91 where no third party resine is allowed if u need ur 90 days warrenty. I really can understand the businessrules and the signal. The people of formlabs give us a great idea and they r built up a new firm with many hard work. This work has to pay respect and the money. My idea of colorisation the original resin of formlabs with additional chemicals is okay under my science intention but not constructive to c a healthy formlabs firm which give us more professional ideas. So I have decided not to publish the chemical receipt until I got in friendly conversation with formlabs itself. I hope you understand.

Where did you see that you are not allowed to use third party resin? The only thing 3rd party resin can affect is the resin vat (you can buy a new one). I don’t think form labs would alienate people by trying to pull something like that.

Hi, in the license agreement which must be accepted to install the new version 0.91. And if we think about it I can understand those rules. They got a larger team now and there must be some income. On the other hand I can’t take it easy to mix up some chemicals like copper, glycerin etc.pp. and risk the health from other people because I can not make tests like them. Perhaps earlier or later there will be some more materials and additives out of formlabs. I can imagine that they work under pressure. Not only for that what they want to do also what they have to do to form a firm by the way. If you got other informations feel free to write back. Greetz Ben