Cancelling Form3 print job remotely

Today I send remotely a model for 3D printing on Form3. During the uploading there was a glitch in the internet connection, uploading failed and the printer on Dashboard is reporting “Print error”. On Timeline it shows “Needs attention” and I can’t continue the printing remotely but unfortunately I can’t go to my office where is the printer right now and press the Cancel button.

The question is - is there a way to resolve the Form3 printer errors remotely? I’m talking about error which occurred during file uploading to printer and before the 3D printing began. I agree that once 3D printing started it really needs physical access to the printer to clean the build platform, etc. in order to resolve the error. But in case the error occured before the real printing started (like failed uploading of the file) I think there is no need to hang around the printer and this should be done also remotely.