Can you mix different versions of resin?

We have a Formlabs 1+ and we mainly use the black resin. Due to a lot of problems we were experiencing we had to remove the resin tank and replace with a new one. We still have half a bottle of the FLGPBK01 resin remaining, but the rest of our stock of black resin is FLGPBK02. Is it ok to mix the 01 and 02 resin in the same tank?

There is one thread called “a bit of resin alchemy” which will give you all the answers you need (and a lot more).

We generally don’t recommend this for a few reasons. Different resin versions have different process settings so results from mixed resins are infrequently optimal. Resin level is detected in the tank through a capacitive sensor and mixing different resins can throw this calculation off. Finishing off the bottle is best though there are some awfully interesting mixes in that resin alchemy thread if you’re looking to experiment a bit.

if we mix castable resin with other resins,will it be Biphasic or no?
will two resins react together or no?

Many of the resins do have fairly different chemistry and require fairly different process settings. Results from mixing different materials might not be optimal and that resin alchemy thread is the best place to start if you are looking to do a few experiments.

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