Mixing resin

Hi everybody
Is it possible to mix 2 differents standard resin ? grey standard and white standard for example ?
Is the difference only the color ?

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Good Morning masterjul,

what do you want to achieve? a ligther grey?
Drop me an e-mail and i can help you.



If you want a different color it is best to buy the color kit. It works great! We use it to mix all sorts of colors.

If you are looking for different properties, then mixing black with tough for example is possible too, but dimension accuracy can change. There are several topics on this forum about it.

Thank you for your answers.
I have several resins in different tanks and I just wanted to put them in only one tank. Color is not my concern. I was wondering if there were any different properties between standard resins.

The different standard resins need different amounts of laser power to cure so you can’t just mix them without sacrificing some specifications.

Ok thx.
That’s what I thought but I was not sure. That’s why I asked the question.
Disappointed :wink: