Can I see your Form1 in Norhtern Ohio?!

Greetings from Lorain, Ohio! Yes, near the celebrated home of the Browns, Indians, and Cav’s. We can’t win anything…

So, I’m seriously looking at a FormLab purchase before Christmas. I would really love to see and touch one in person. Additionally, it would be extremely valuable to actually see what the printer is used for.

I intend to produce precision masters for resin casting of model spacecraft. I really want to be sure this machine is capable.

So if your within 3-4 hours of Cleveland Ohio and would welcome a guest, I would love to hear from you.

I can be reached at dan at bihary dot c0m


I’m in Wabash, IN which sounds like it’d be quite a long drive but if you don’t find anyone else…

Hello Dan!

I have a formlabs machine down in Cincinnati, but I do believe there is a business in the Cleveland area who has one and I contacted them about it… They were willing to let me come and see it… Digging through my research I couldn’t find the email, not sure where it went. … but I believe it was The Technology House

Good luck!

Hey Dan - Im down in Charlotte NC, too bad its 8 hours away, but you could definitely come check mine out if you decided to make the trek. Im looking to sale my form1+ thats only a couple months old. Perfect condition. Let me know if you end up wanting to buy one before Christmas, we could maybe meet halfway on a drive to save from mishandling during shipping. :smile:


I am in South Jersey. I have been doing 3D design of model railroad items and paying TONS of money for the prints for 8 years now.

I have had my Form1 for almost a month now. I am DONE buying prints. It replaced a Viper with mega-bucks.

BUY the Form1. Buy once cry once. If you are a total newbie to 3d Printing the first week+ is going to be very painful but you will get over it.

Buy once Cry once. The fun starts after that