Any future or current Form1 owners in Colorado?

I am waiting for my Form1 to arrive and in the mean time, I am a reprap Mendel builder/operator, Solidworks expert, and business owner looking to discuss the local possibilities with the Form1, or, if possible, get a preview of the Form1 in person (I getting quite tired of waiting for my own…I need a fix!)

Hope to hear from some locals!

I live in Colorado Springs. I do not yet have my Form 1, though the latest e-mail says it will be shipped sometime in the next month. I am always interested in talking 3D business. Where in Colorado are you?

Hey Shane! I’m in City Park neighborhood, Denver. Good to hear from you. My in-laws live in Monument.

How do you intend to use the machine?  Professional or personal?

We intend to use the machine in more of a professional capacity, but of course there will be personal projects as well. There will be specialized collectors items of limited run (most likely duplicated through common molding techniques once a master is made), prototypes of some more technical products we have been developing, and personal art projects/or practical items of day to day life.

What are your primary intended uses?

Personal projects, of course!  However, the main purpose is to extend my CAD services and print shop capabilities.  Customers are local businesses and art community and individuals. I am very interested in using the printer to create molds for duplication as well but I am not so experienced.

Obviously, I have some household items I want to print out, but I this resin is not being touted for being very robust.

What material are you thinking of casting/molding?

Resin, rubber, and plastic are the first mold materials up on the block. It will limit the forms we can easily mold until Formlabs produces a good burn out liquid for metal casting, but there are many nice things you can make good molds for using traditional sectional mold techniques (often rubber, silicone, or plaster is used for these). Fine sand casting is also a possibility. It is just an additional step (producing a burn-out cast) that will not be required once the burn-out resin is available.

I live in Colorado Springs and should receive my printer in Jan.  I’ll be using it for personal use. Maybe we can get a group together to share information.

We have a Form1, in the Longmont/Boulder area. We are a full service, jewelry modelmaking shop…Also are technical sales representatives / trainers for the tech, in the jewelry/dental/engineering industries.

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Christian Grunewald

Precision Modelmaking Technologies

NeoGroup Ltd. US (Rocky Mountain Region)

Just put an order in for a Form 2 to go with my form 1+.


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I know this is an old thread; but bumping it up. I have a Form 2 and I’m in the Brighton area.