Can I print this in standard resin?

I’ve designed a mount for my Dyze extruder & hotend on my FDM-printer, I’ve previously printed it in PLA just to test and it’s been working for a while.

Now I’m about to receive my Form 3 package and are interesting to find out if I could print this in standard resin and if it would hold up as good, better or worse than PLA?

(of corse some engineering resin would have been better but I wanted to start my learning process with basic materials first)

I guess you could but std Resin will be more brittle then PLA. You have to take care of where its screwed together and if the fixtures are strong enough. Tough1500 is a great alternative. Std resins are also not 100% the same as clear seems to be a bit more flexible and less brittle then Grey V4.

Agreed! On the surface, this looks totally printable, but it will really just come down to the intricacies inside.

If you run into any issues during your initial prints, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and they’d be happy to lend a hand as you get up and running! :slight_smile:

Since this is near the extruder, you also probably need to take a look at the glass-transition temperatures of the cured resin type vs. PLA to make sure your part won’t melt/deform from latent heat from the extruder.