Can I combine resin

Hi All -
I was printing some parts and got a notice that my resin was running low, so I didn’t want to run out overnight, and I replaced the almost empty with a new one.

Now the “almost” empty one feels like it still has about 25% resin left. Can I just add it to my new resin tank that is now about 50% empty?

Sure. Unscrew the lids on the top of the cartridges and pour it in. As long as it is the same type of resin you are good.

If you combine bottles it will throw off the calculation for the amount of resin in the cartridge. You will at best get low resin warnings way before the resin actually runs out and at worst the fill valve can fail and flood the machine.

I would continue to use the nearly empty cartridge for small prints until it runs out. Then swap in the new cartridge during the print. The printer will pause when a cartridge runs out.

Hi Fred,
So the chip in the resin cartridge actually records ml usage?
What about the chip in the tray? Does that also record the resin type, and if yes, what if I clean the tray to use another material? Will it over write the old material info?

In a crude way, the cartridge estimates material use. It’s not perfect but it’s reasonably close. For me it normally starts to warn of low resin early (better that instead of running out).

The tray does know what resin was used last. But, it’s not locked in for life. You can clean out the tray and switch materials at any time. The machine will ask if you want to change materials but it’s easily done.

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Ok, thanks for the info Fred.