Adding resin manually from leaky cartridge

I am printing with grey resin. I have a cartridge that is empty. I have another cartridge that is full but is leaking and I do not want to put it into the machine, I am running low on resin in the tray and just need to add a little more resin to complete the job.

Can I add the resin manually? If I add manually will the resin heat up to be at the correct temp? Do I pause and pour into the tank until I see the resin level off at the top fill line?


If its unused resin, the best way is to fill the almost empty cartridge with the resin from your leaking one. The only thing is that the machine eill notify you that your resin run in low and might not complete the print. Just click continue and it will use the cartridge until no resin is left.

If you insist to fill the bath, pause the print and add it to the tank. Click resume and the machine will take care for the rest. If its not warm enough, the machine will warm it up and continue to print.

Let me know how it went.

I added the resin to the cartridge that was almost empty. Everything seems great.

Can’t tell anything about the state of how full the cartridge but it’s a small inconvenience for saving an entire cartridge worth of resin.

Thanks for the quick response’

Good to hear :slight_smile:
No problem.

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