Bullets first prints

Hi my name is Anthony (aka Bullet). I was an international form KS and have finished a few test prints for you all to see :slight_smile:

Chef Ramsay was done for my friend Jay Edwards over at Framestore studios. The skull and bangle were done for my  9 year old son and 2 year old daughter respectively. The character is a copyright model I funded for an indie game World of Eden online, I was senior Tech Artist whilst the game was trying to get a leg up. Many thanks to the Form team for this outstanding product…more to come

Cheers Ant

Forgot the bangle LOL

The text

These look great, Anthony! Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks @Sam J,

have had some print issues with others I have done but mostly they come out ok. I hope to get a resin casting operation running in the next 3 months, see what happens. At the moment I am dabbling in Zbrush to create a Helknight to print, this will test it out :slight_smile: I did a wee mini print ot the base mesh that wasnt too bad BUT it obviously doesnt have the detail the finished on will have. The alien head is for the same guy who did Ramsay and Jesus was done for a mate here in Perth, from a free internut model as I dont have time at present to model them myself.

Cheers Ant