Bug: Supports are colliding with the object

I was trying to find a challenging first print when my printer arrive and I though the gyroid ball (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23588) would be a great print to test the limits.

When scaled down to 0.1, the default supports are merged together and actually colliding with the object (see picture).

I would rather have the software telling me that the current support parameters are not addapted (diameter/lenth of the stud) than generate supports are are not removable after print. It would be a pain to check all the slice to see if there is any issue…

As anyone seen this bug?


Hi Damien,

Could you open a ticket on our support site (http://support.formlabs.com/requests/new) so we can take a closer look at this and see if we can figure out why your were prints are failing? Have you given it another shot?

If you saved the the .FORM file you printed from, please attach that, as well the .STL so we can check it for issues.


Good day Sam,

I’ve already submitted the bug (#196), testing the same model and condition with the 0.8.1 seems to have solved the collision supports <> geometry.

But in the 0.8.1, the supports are still colliding between each other and your slicer is confused: It created holes in the middle of the supports… (see pictures)

So I’ve reopened a ticket #448