Bubbles and holes in the parts

HI friends.

I have a lot of problems with my printer. (1 week old form1+)
i try and try print a little bottle, but in all pieces presents bubbles or holes. I try with the standar parameter of supports. inclusive I change the tank for another 100% new and new build platform and new resine… everything to discard any contamination of previously printing parts.

but the result is the same.

the STL is for a bigger bottle, but I use the scale in 0.3 with 0.1mm

and I try another part using 0.4 scale and 0.05mm quality

any idea for this issue?


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How do you position the bottle to print? You may need to put one or two blowout holes on the side of your model, closest to the build platform. You need those to release the pressure that may build up inside.

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hI my friend

your method works, I makes 4 littles holes in the base of the bottle. but only works if i print using 100 micron resolution… with 50 microns the holes come back.

make the holes a little larger.