Model Scale Incorrect & Failed Print (Take a look!)

Hey Everyone,

I’ve had the Form1+ for a little over a month now and have had about 85% success with the various prints I’ve tried. The only failures I ran into were my very first few prints that were not attaching to the build platform properly. This was quickly solved by changing the fine tuning settings. I am now working on printing a sample of an object that I want to ideally print 20 times or so. It is a simple 55mm x 55mm x 3mm plate with several dots on top that represent braille dots. The first test print with this model had several bubbles in the upper surface, and the dots were not the proper height.

I am unsure if the printing error is something based around my actual design and the .stl file, or something with the scaling in Preform. The .stl file of the plate is exactly 10 times smaller when imported into Preform. After scaling it up by 10, it displays the proper x,y, and z dimensions, but after printing the height was not correct.

I am hoping I can have some members here take a look at my design files and give me any feedback regarding the design and orientation in Preform.

I am also wondering if supports are really necessary for an object like this. The supports increase the resin needed by more than double, it increases print time, and leaves a very sloppy/partially cured underside to the plate. I will test printing without the supports soon, I am just wondering what everyone’s opinions are on supports and there necessity with a design like this.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Dot Chart Design Files

Hi Landon,

Thanks for posting on the forum. Hopefully I can give you some tips to get a better print.

What resolution are you printing at? Bubbles can occur when layers have slight delamination due to increased peel forces across the build platform. I assume you are printing your model parallel to the build platform. Some users have success printing straight on the build platform. If you wish to try this approach, I would move the model as close tot he hinge side as possible before printing. The closer you are to the hinge the lower the peel forces. If this fails, I would try printing the object at and 20-40 degree angle. Yes, you will need supports( turn down the density up the touch point size and increase the flat spacing to 4.00-5.50 in the advanced menu) but the lower cross sectional area should help both with the bubbling and height of the dots.

Let me know the results.