Bubbles inside my print?

Hi everyone!

Received my printer 2 days ago (Yay!!!) and started printing almost right away.

First print was the sample butterfly clip in clear resin at 0.5mm. This came out pretty well, although I still need to do some post-processing to get rid of the support left-overs.

Next print was a very simple self-designed thingy, designed to be attached to a keyring, at 0.1 mm.

As you can see, there are some artifacts inside the the top, which resembles little bubbles. If I look at the model, I don’t see anything wrong with it either, but I’m still very new at this (I’ve attached the .form file).

Of course, had I printed this in grey, I would probably have never noticed the bubbles, but I would expect that this could cause issues in strength of parts at some point in the future.

Does anyone have an idea what happened here, and how to prevent it?

BTW: the part will be used to insert into the nozzle of a fuelpump, so it can be locked during fueling. For some reason the dutch fuel pumps removed this option years ago, forcing you to keep holding and ‘squeezing’ the nozzle.


Printing your part at a 15-20 degree angle can help prevent bubbles from being trapped in your print although from your other post, there could be something strange happening with the optics on your machine (issues with the print file should also not be ruled out).

We will take all necessary steps to help test.