Brand new buildplate developing weird film, is this normal

After printing on our Form 2 machine for a few years now we decided it was time to replace the buildplate. We went ahead and purchased one from an official supplier, Dynamism, and it appeared fine out of the box. Printing with it is also no problem. The problem occurs during the wash stage. In our lab we have a Form Wash filled with IPA per the instructions that we use to wash our parts. After washing our parts for as short as 3-5 minutes this weird greyish white film appears on the side of our build platform. It only appears on the sides that appear to be plastic pieces inserted into the frame though. What worries me is that this film flakes and could contaminate our tanks. This same phenomena does not happen with our old build platform using the same material and wash station. Any advice? This does not seem normal or like it should be happening.

Does it wipe off?

Not easily. It tends to kinda flake off, but for the most part is pretty stuck to the plate. I’m worried about it contaminating my resins and falling in midprint. The main reason I made a post about it is the previous buildplate we had (which we still use) has never showed anything like this before.

Huh. I got nothin’, then… I’d have guessed it’s just some diluted resin that’s curing over time (maybe if you have enough short-wavelength ambient light), since the IPA becomes impregnated with it over time. But the other build plate ought to do it too.

Hi zgoode,

Thank you for reaching out with this issue - that shouldn’t be happening since it looks like you haven’t changed your workflow at all. We suggest creating a support case with those photos and providing this information as the team can investigate this further and advise further.

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