Blue Streaks on Large Mirror after IPA Cleanse

I have been using the Form 1+ for almost a year now. Had lots of issues that have been resolved through various troubleshooting tips both from this forum and from submitting tickets to Form Labs. I have however noticed that every time I clean the large mirror with IPA, it leaves blueish/purpleish streaks on the mirror and I cannot seem to get them off. I feel like this affected my prints and since have installed a new mirror. I have since been hesitant to clean the mirror with IPA and have only used dry PEC Pads to clean dust and smudges. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, how do you remove this blue/purple streaking the IPA leaves behind. Thank you!

Try using acetone. Works just as well and evaporates better leaving no streaks.


Yes I used Acetone (because I use it for FFD and its all I had) and it worked perfectly. I also cleaned my prints off with it and it was fine.

The purple streaking is due to the IPA evaporating off the mirror instead of getting absorbed back into the PEC pad. I would recommend either:

a) Use less IPA
b) Apply more pressure when wiping
c) Move more slowly when cleaning

Hope this helps!


Oh my… Acetone works well? Would you recommend it then without caveats?

Caveats ?

I don’t know about that, I do know that acetone cleans the mirror perfectly. I did not even use pec pads. I used Costco kitchen towel and it did it first time.

Acetone also cleaned up my print very well too. It did not destroy the model at all, I have since bought some 99% IPA and it cleaned the modle ok, just took longer to evaporate and smells much worse IMO.

You don’t want to clean the machine down with acetone mind as its a good paint stripper and eats ABS plastic.

Just want to strongly recommend only using PEC pads on the mirror surfaces. These are “first surface” mirrors and do not have a protective coating.

Using even a microfiber cloth can damage the reflective surface.


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Yes everyone should listen to FormLabs support on support issues as they only have your satisfaction at heart, I used what I had & was very gentle & i got away with it - you might not. Always follow FL advice.

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