Optical window IPA Streaking_Form2


I have a problem with cleaning of the optical window.
I tried so many different ways with the PEC-PAD and IPA but it still leaves IPA streaks.
It’s a brand new optical window, only 3weeks working.
I followed the instructions from formlabs.
But still streaks.
Don’t now what i do wrong.

Kind regards

You can spend hours and hours trying to clean the window or you can buy a new one…

Of course it alway helps if you don’t get resin on the window, ie you always remember to take out the build platform when ever you take out the tray.

IPA even 99% always leaves traces from my experience, even with clean technical towels. We clean big lenses manually but I could not justify a proper cleaning machine/jig to to it so the method we came up with was to clean with IPA to get off the grossest stuff and then use a clean towel and use plain old consumer glass cleaning liquid which works really well to get rid of the IPA traces.

I never had to clean the printer’s optical window but I would definitely try that if I ever have to.

Yes, it works with the glass cleaner liquid.
After that I just make dry with a clean towel.

Well thanks for fast reply.

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