OK seems I forgot how to clean the optical window

Why can’t I get rid of these marks no matter how I try?

I’m using the towels supplied with the Form2 and 99% IPA.

What’s wrong?

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Those streaks are typical when cleaning with IPA. I’d d use only new towels, only slightly damp, one swipe then fold it over for the next swipe and so on. That’s the least worst way to do it with IPA in my opinion. You should be able to obtain perfectly acceptable results this way, but it’s tricky.

Best way is same method but with acetone, or even better only finishing with acetone and some optics-cleaning papers (we use Thorlabs optical cleaning tissues, but that’s mostly because we have them for other applications). Downside is you have to not touch the sides, foam gasket or anything else in the printer when using acetone.

I use exclusively single use lens cleaning cloths that have perfectly clean ipa already in them.
like wet wipes.

you can buy them by the box at any drug store.

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