Optical glass issues

I recently realized that for some reason, there was a sort of haze on the underside of my optical glass.
I reached to the support to get the procedure for cleaning it, and here’s what I found : the cleaning of the underside of this glass is incredibly difficult because of the glue holding the neoprene joint.
That glue gets dissolved even by the tinyes amount of IPA makes smears from hell which I never could totally get rid of.

I think that the design could be improved
The joint should be glued to the machine, and the glass should not have any metal frame : it should just be held in place by clamps + screws.

It would probably bring the cost down, and make the glass easier to clean, and eventually a cheaper part to replace, because yes : at some point, this thing can get un-cleanable, no matter how much time you take, and how many pec-pads you use !

This is certainly not official procedure, but if you don’t want to use IPA and avoid the gasket, try using hot water and regular dish soap. Scrub gently with your fingers for a minute or so. Blow dry or wipe droplets away with an absorbent soft cloth that will not scratch the glass/coating. This has worked well many times for me. Make sure the glass and foam are both completely dry before putting back in your printer.

Hi Adrian,

I’ll try your method for sure.
In despair, I must admit that I even tried the old “spit and rub” technique :zipper_mouth_face:


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Can I use this dish scrubber for scrubbing? Or I can only use my finger for that?

Hi @Alisa, have you tried using the PEC PAD method yet? These are made for optical surfaces, and I’ve personally had good luck with these :slight_smile:

I would stick to this or - in a pinch - to @adriantanner’s suggestion of soap, your finger, and a soft cloth.

If you’re using your Form 2 for work, I would just buy a new optical window. They’re only $60. If you’re using at home, then yeah it might be worth a little time to try and clean.