Black layer 1 print times? (Form 2)


Hi there.

Yesterday I set off a print, fairly large, the raft probably covered half of the platform. The printer started ok but layer 1 seemed to get stuck, it didn’t move for over 30 minutes so I cancelled and tried again, same result.

I reset the printer same result. I re-oriented the model, same result. Changed to mini rafts, same result. I cleaned up after every failed attempt, layer 1 had adhered perfectly. I wondered if maybe there was too much contact and the platform was sticking, but there’s no attempt to move the tray at any point, and wouldn’t this error?

Tried printing another smaller model, perfect result.

So I’m thinking the printer doesn’t like this model. I’ve checked it in Blender, Meshmixer, re-imported the stl to Fusion, the model is fine.

Any advice?


The first layer(especially with black resin) takes a very long time to finish as it does multiple passes to make sure it adheres to the platform. Did the display still show it was doing the first layer?