Been having trouble printing recently

I took a bit of a break from printing. I notice there have been an enormous number of firmware updates and preform updates in the mean time.

Today, I tried to start a remote print but the wiper arm popped off in an empty (unused) resin tank.

I put the arm back on, the resin tank started filling. But then the printer froze.

I’m in the process of uploading the diagnostic information now.

As a feature request it would be nice to see some sort of progress indicator. Usually the circle in the centre of the screen shows progress – but nothing is happening. So I’ve cancelled the upload. It should show some sort of progress after 10 minutes?

As a feature request it would be nice to have a simple procedure to test when the printer has frozen. The dashboard appears to be unaware when it happens. The only simple test I know is to open the printer cover to see if the printer notices. Hmm, does the flashing inkdrop stop flashing when the printer freezes? I did not think to look for that.

During the diagnostic upload it looks a little more difficult to spot progress. The printer did not freeze, but it sure looked like it was doing nothing.

It would be nice if there were a little more informative progress update.

Anyhow, I’ve done a hard reboot, the various calibrations and it looks like the print job was successful.

Had the same experience. Hard reboot seems to be the only solution.