Bad print quality and print layer sticking on tank screen

hi everyone.

i am facing an issue with my form2. it was printing fine before. but the last three prints are failures. i have printed the same model just recently with no issue. i used gray and white resin and still the same problem. i printed it the first time as a full solid body and it failed, the second time i made it hollow and it failed with poor quality.
after each failed print i filter the resin to make sure there isn’t any leftover cured resin.

as you can see from the following pictures
this is the model in preform with the support settings

and these are the results

and this is my tank and screen

and finally thank you all for your time and hopefully, we can reach to a solution to this issue

That tank looks worn. Try a new tank!
You need to clean that window as well, the haze is causing the beam to spread.


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