Bad peeling and huge air pockets/holes

Hi folks.
    I got my printer about 3 days back, yesterday I started to do some test prints. Downloaded a high resolution skull, exported into zbrush to reduce down the polycount, exported it into 3DSTUDIO Max to create a STL file. Imported successfully into Preform. at 0.025mm with grey resin.

The print came out quite disappointing. The images below is a second print. The first one was orientated using the Auto-orientation in Preform, it came out slightly better( lesserpeeling and streaks), however the second try got worse. Bad peeling, thick streaks and holes. It’s a 50mm tall print, and frankly speaking, it captured non of the details from the STL file and considering at 0.025mm layer thickness it came out looking like a cheap filament extruded print instead.

Is there anything I am doing wrong?. I checked the file inside NetFabb and there were no error warnings. There were no weird noise from my printer, peeling process looks fine, no overfill of resin, no chunks or residue in the tank considering this is just my second print. However I did had the second print placed more towards the left side of the build plate, if this matters at all?.:/…

Hey Julian,

Before you contact support, here are a few things you might try.

First of all your skull is not oriented in the optimal position. Orient it in the same position like you have it pictured in the image #6, but tilt it a little backwards. Make sure your support tip slider is all the way to the right. The density can move a little to the right.

Now, don’t print both of the parts at the same time. In my experience, an unbalanced printing platform (some small parts on one side and big ones on another) can lead to uneven stress forces during peeling and leave more of those stress marks on your print or even result in failed prints.

Instead print the skull first and place it in the middle all the way down towards the hinge side of the resin tank. (basically from the top move view…move it to the center and all the way down) If you want to place the jaw above it, that is fine, but for sake of testing, just print one at a time for now.

Don’t put too much resin in the tank. Half way between the min and max should be OK.

Use the supplied metal spatula to gently scrape (massage) the silicone layer, for about 20 seconds in each direction. You want to apply enough pressure to see the surface clear of resin, but not enough to scratch or damage the surface.

Print on 50 microns. 25 micron is overkill for this model and you are dealing with even more stress forces during peel. (25 microns cures more and sticks harder)

Let us know how it comes out.

About the orientation, if I wasn’t clear… let the supports be on the bottom/back of the skull. Not on top of the skull.