Awkward getting resin trays in/out of the shipping box?

I store my resin trays in the original boxes they’re shipped in. If you do the same, here’s a simple tip to make it easier to take them in and out of the box.

Remove cardboard “bumper”:

Now you have space to fit your fingers in by the top and bottom of the tray:

I find this easier than grasping it by the left and right sides and trying to squeeze my fingers into the narrow gap (which inevitably results in having to drop the tray the last centimeter or so down into the box).

Be mindful never to touch the optical window on the underside of the tray.

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They stack up nicely on each other as well :slight_smile: We have the advantage of extra covers so we tend to lay one cover on the very bottom and then stack all of the cartridges atop each other. This keeps light from coming up through the bottom of the tank.

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That’s funny, we do the exact same thing here with the cover under the lowest tank. Works wonders. I’ve read that some people are afraid of scratching / damaging the window when stacking tanks but the cover is obviously designed for this !

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