Anyone try the SPOT-HT resin?

It’s supposed to be some high quality stuff. Some people are trying it on the B9C at the forums and the results are incredibly sharp.

Anyone try it yet on the Form1?

At that cost I’d never try it.

Assuming the weight is similar it’s actually cheaper than Formlabs’ clear resin.€+to+USD

1 L of clear ≈ 1.1 kg

So the question still stands,  has anyone given the SPOT-HT resin a try in the form1?

Bump. I’d be interested in trying it, but is the Spot-HT clear resin?

Hi, I am a long term Form 2 user and use Spot A resin for producing mainly engineering parts, both functional and as prototypes. Spot A HT is a nice resin, they do a version of thats specifically for the Form 2 (Its got very low viscosity) and with its mechanical properties is ideally suited to producing highly detailed models (their grey and tan coloured versions look superb for showing fine detail)

Their founder and I believe chief chemist (Fernando), pointed out to me during one of our very helpful conversations HT is quite an old formulation (he said 6 years is a really long time in 3D printing material development / progress)

Today they have resins specifically designed for producing engineering parts on the Form 2 (They call them KT1 and KT2). Its fantastic and the closest resin that I have found to conventional engineering plastics, They offers a cross between the best of ABS and Nylon like properties. Dimensional accuracy is the best I have ever seen. I use the grey and the clear versions of it, the clear has a similar degree of clarity to Formlabs clear and is easy to polish in the same way as Formlabs clear.

Its €130 / Kg which might seem expensive, but it is a very high performance engineering 3D printing material. I love the fact that the colour does not settle (consistent colour from part to part) and one batch of resin is exactly the same as the next - they seem to have good quality control, also it has very little odour. As engineers that’s what we need good mechanical properties and expect the same from bottle to bottle. Some resins we tried varied a lot from batch to batch.

Its very easy to get in Europe and I found that they ship to the US, so moving from continent to continent never caused a hic up in terms of supply for me. Sure I could get cheaper, but not with the performance, quality and consistency of their KT 1 and 2 resins.

I use it in Clear version 4 mode and use one of the third party resin dispensers that allows me to dispense just as if it was a Formlabs cartridge, so I have the use of all the features of my Form 2. That was quite expensive (I think it cost about €180 but its so easy to clean and use), I never have to worry about the nozzle falling off and changing from resin bottle to resin bottle is so easy.

A few pictures below of the Spot A FT1 engineering resin prints in use on a machine, the parts are still good after many thousands of cycles (various printed slides / pistons move within the main body of the parts). No visible wear on the printed parts which were lubricated with a little PTFE based lubricant on the bearing faces when first assembled.



@QDM Links? I can’t find FT1, KT1 or KT2 on

googling Spot A KT1 KT2 and FT1 doesn’t turn up anything.

I was about to post the same thing. I looked a few days ago and couldn’t find any reference to these resins either.

Sorry about that, my Typo - Its actually KT 1 and KT2…

Their website is very old and not easy to find your way around (But, they do produce nice resins!!)

I normally buy off them by emailing Fernando direct:

I still can’t find them. Do you have any links to the product pages?

Hello, Fernando here from Spot-A Materials, I am the chief chemist at the company and some may remember me as the founder of the company. I used to post under spota in the Reprap forums.

Thanks for the interest in our products.
Just a quick note, QDM is right, six years has gone by very quickly with lots of new materials having been formulated.
We are just in the process of updating our website - it’s busy here and unfortunately I have to admit we have been lagging in our old website (25 hour days would be nice!). We have been developing new materials that have been available for our OEM customers an that we are making available for the general public. These are high performance engineering materials or materials dedicated to specific industries like jewellery and dentistry.
Looking back we have moved forward by light-years compared to what was available 6 years ago.
Specifically KT1 and KT2 are designed for the Form2, to produce parts in engineering environments and KT2, with it’s increased stiffness and heat resistance also produces very high quality, highly accurate dental models.
We are very proud how they turned out. Our ethos is all about quality, repeatability, safety to the user and performance.
Both KT1 and KT2 have excellent tensile and flexural properties and can be dropped to the floor and survive the experience.
As long as our website is being reworked I recommend contacting us at for further information.
We hope to have the product available in our new online shop shortly.

Spot-A Materials CTO

Hi Fernando,
Many thanks for the info, I can’t wait to see all of your materials on the website. I’ll drop you an email for further information on your Form2 resins.

Can you share any details about the machine? It looks like a cool engineering application!