Alternate resins

Given the decision to gouge the EU customers, the search for alternatives has just got serious for me.
I currently use the FL clear2 resin, which I am very happy with, but not at 174 euro inc. tax.+shipping. That’s just ridiculous and makes in uneconomic to own.

Does anyone have conclusive experience with an alternative, i.e. has used it for a good period with success? There seem to me lots of posts about various resins, but little conclusion.


As a comparison, 1kg Spot-GP clear for Form1 is 82EUR plus 27.30EUR (up to 5kg) shipping plus 17.22EUR tax = 126.52 Euro.

It’s been almost a year since I tried Spot-A materials resin and I didn’t have a good experience. Have you tried it recently?

Was it the same as the latest Form1 specific formulation that is on their site or an earlier version?
I am considering ordering some to try.