Anycubic Wash and Cure

Has anyone tried using the Anycubic Wash and Cure with the F2? Is it plate compatible or do you have to place the prints into the basket? Thanks

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I haven’t tried this with any Formlabs products, but if it helps at all, just cover the hood sensor behind the unit to run the wash system with the hood off, or the cure system with the hood removed. Just make it work for you.

Example - I have a resin that can only be exposed to IPA for 30 seconds before needing to be dried. I’m not going to dunk it in the basket, cover it with the hood and then turn on the machine, as I would almost immediately need to remove it. So I have all my parts ready to submerge, turn the magnetic stirrer on, and then cover the hood sensor with my hand and go to work.

As for curing, I just cure in a large plastic container (sometimes with water) with stainless steel wallpaper adhered to the sides. A 20W UV lamp makes short work of most prints…

It can be used if you take your prints and put them in the basket. It will not work together with the plate.