Anybody willing to help me fix this model?


I’ve created a model in lightwave which has some issues/problems I cannot seem to fix. I was hoping that some of you could either point me in the right direction of what went wrong or help me out by fixing the model :blush:

It’s the following model:

It’s supposed to have 4 holes in it (like this):

However, when fixing the model with Netfabb or have preform fix it. I get the message that it failed to fix the model and this results in two closed holes which I don’t want:

Furthermore, I have all sorts off weird parts which are not there in Lightwave or after exporting to an STL. Preform does show these individual layers unfortunately and prints them as well which makes the model useless. Moreover it seems to create and issue (probably related to the peel) which creates a cavity in the model:

What am I doing wrong, and how will I be able to fix this. automatic repair isn’t the option. That’s for sure. Perhaps someone is willing to have a look at the model. If so, send me a pm.

Thanks for your help and advice!

PS, don’t worry about the dirt on the model. Was just testing some bolts which were a little dirty :wink:

Dear Alex,

I don’t know how accurate Lightwave is for construction, but it is most likely a problem with the thread in that one hole. Can you export the STL with a finer resolution (more detailed mesh)?


Hi @Joachim_Benders, thanks for your reply. It is definitely a problem with the thread. I’m sure of that as well. And, unfortunately I cannot export with a finer resolution. At least, not in Lightwave.

A fine gentleman has tried to help me by exporting it in multiple formats and ways using SolidWorks. Unfortunately that didn’t help. As a result I’ve already remodeled the whole object and made sure things were done as efficiently as possible (including the thread). The new version works fine now and does not have any strange blue lines.

Still thanks for helping. I shall see if I can buy a copy of SolidWorks and start playing around with that. I believe a lot of users say it’s a great program. Going to be a terrible experience as I’ve always played around with lightwave and never tried another 3d modeling program as I’d have to start all over again. I do have to say Lightwave has it’s limitations though. Luckily Youtube can help me figure out SW :smile:


@Sam_Jacoby, as far as I’m concerned, this topic can be closed/deleted. Clean up the forum :wink:

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