Anybody have the butterfly clip STL?

I having to do some test prints with the butterfly clip, which is fine of course! However, I’d like to modify the clip to see what happens with the print if I make it taller. All I have now is the FORM file. Hopefully someone can help me find the stl to do some tests.


Hi @Alex_Vermeer ,

You can normally find it here on a windows system -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Formlabs\PreForm\Resources\Models

Else download it from here - LINK

Thank you @Steve_Johnstone, however, I’ve already got the form file. I was looking for the stl in order to modify it for testing.


if all you need is a test file, and don’t want to make one, check out thingiverse there’s a zillion different models to try.

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Thanks @ChristopherBarr, but I am just looking for the original formlabs butterfly to tweak to do various test, yet still keep them representable for issues when talking with the support team. They seem to judge the printer based on these files, however, I don’t believe these are always the proper files to assess if something is wrong. By tweaking them, they could be used to show different issues.

A while ago, it used to be possible to extract an STL from a .form file.

Unfortunately, the inner structure of .form files changed around 1.0 or thereabouts and there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that anymore. Either Formlabs got tired of people using .form to generate supports, extract the STLs and use them on other printers, or they decided to use some kind of internal compression on them.

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