Formlabs build platform jig, for sale or open-source print

Hi there, just an idea to make the jig stl file open source to print or at least for sale as accessories. It’s an awesome tool to use with Form 3 and Form 2 but currently only included with the finish kit or if you buy the printer. Would love to see this more accessible in case some people who bought a secondhand printer without the finish kit or someone who wants multiple jigs for their work.

Thank you

Hello @thienhaor,

I am not sure if we have a sharable file for the jig fixture, but I can ask around and see if we have something that we can share! Are you looking for a jig to hang the build platforms, or strictly to assist in part removal?

Thank you for replying @Corey_M , I need some kind of a jig or handle that can work with the platform for parts removal. I would say it is pretty awkward to just holding the knob and try to scrape the parts down, for the platform holder I already got an old stl model from Pinshape.