Any chance of formlabs exibiting at WRAM show FEB 20-22

Westchester Radio Aero Modelers Show is one of the country’s largest hobby trade shows, and the biggest on the East Coast. It is held at Meadowlands Exposition Center at Harmon Meadow, Secaucus, NJ.

Many people attending are part of your target audience. This expo also offers a low price NYC area expo at a location in a high population area.
booth are $500 and is driving distance from Boston Area.

3D Printing has been ignored by the RC and static model community due to the normal poor quality of the prints. The Form1+ is the 3D printer that could break into this lucrative market I have friends that have $30,000 in tools related to their RC and modeling hobbies. Many RC planes can cost up-words of $10,000 without motors or electronics

I will be attending! I have for the last 30 some odd years. Was closer when it was in White Plains, though…

I disagree. I have made many things for RC with my printers, innumerable little things, as well as an entire tri-copter frame, a 2-axis GoPro Gimbal for an Armattan quad, LED lighting fixtures for my 550 Hexcopter, a removable battery tray for my CarbonZ Cub, various FPV camera mounts for the 200QX, scale “iron bombs” for a friend’s ME110, and my favorite, scale pilot busts of me, made with a scan from a Kinect scanner. And there’s someone else on this forum who’s been using his Form1 to make what appear to be pretty high performance micro ducted fans.

The problem is that the technology is too “new” and expensive, not that the quality is poor. Only a few hobbyists can afford the price of entry, and they have to have decent CAD skills to be at all effective. There just aren’t enough of us like that out there. But the CAD skills are easy to learn as evidenced by the popularity of programs like Google SketchUp (which is more than up to the task of light-weight design tasks like those for RC models), and 3D printer prices are approaching $500, which starts to make them a lot more affordable I think…

Here’s an example of some RC parts I’ve printed on my Form1+, two revisions of micro FPV camera mounts for the Blade 200QX quadcopter and a pilot bust for a micro Fokker Triplane. The unfinished camera mount is a modified revision for a friend, who has a rig that uses a separate camera and transmitter. The part that’s painted red has been flying on my 200QX for a few weeks now using the all-in-one micro camera/TX from Horizon Hobby. This mount was like the second or third thing I printed. And of course, the mini-me pilot bust (yes, I need to work on my painting skills).