Make Money with your 3D printer

Do you have a 3D printer buy find that it sits ideal at times? Earn money and help spread the maker movement but allowing our site to use your printer and to make you money.

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This probably sounds like a good idea, but I have been signed up for 3Dhubs and makexyz for the better part of a year and it’s a waste of time. I have only been contacted 3 times. I even live in the largest city in my state. The first made me $10 and the next two just wasted a week of my time each. They each wanted to print something geometrically similar to a helium balloon. The website said it could be printed for like $5 because it was only a few ml of resin. But they were offended when I added like 90ml of support resin to make it compatible with the Form1+. I have invested about 2 weeks of email effort AND 1 SUCCESSFUL PRINT THAT WAS NEVER PAID FOR into 3 people, and only made a sale to the first guy for $10.

Josh is right. Those sites are a waste of time. They are over-saturated with FDM printers doing ridiculously cheap prints. Even though Form1’s print quality is on a different level, most people don’t understand why an iphone case print will cost around $100 or more when they can have it printed on an FDM printer for $10.

The best way to make money with the form1 is to print sample rings for custom jewelry sites that they then send to customers to play with and make changes, etc. Also to print samples for people who want to see the quality out of the form1 before they place their orders. That’s what I do.