Which way to go? I might need some printing done - South Jersey

I have not been here for well over a year. I got my Form1 in November 2014. I have not used it in about 18 months. It was mostly working but was getting grumpy with more failures than usual. It was annoying and frustrating. I am an advanced model railroader that made lots of parts, During the 18 month break I did not really need anything new, but now would like some printing done.

I am stuck between the occasional thoughts of wanting to sell my Form1, or risk buying a bottle of new goop and have it all turn out awful. As a side note that is 1 thing that really annoys me is the price of the goop has not gone down at all.

SO I am hoping I can find someone local to me, hopefully with a Form2 but a Form1 will do, and maybe do some printing together. I am in South Jersey 08096. There is one parts tree missing from this photo. I would probably want 2 of each. General footprint is about 3/4" x 2" These will either be in burnout blue or the gray material for lost wax casting molds. That has not been decided yet.

Maybe you are really techy and can get my Form1 back to working well condition.

This is what I am making. These are my crash test dummy pieces I made about 3 years ago.

I figured I would give this a shot before trying to figure out 3DHUBS. I am not in any hurry as well. This will easily be 1+ month out before I would want to get started.

Please reply directly to bill@lanestrains.com with your questions, or if you are interested in doing some printing together.


You can probably find someone close enough that can print things for you

I also have to say in terms of your printer–first, if you haven’t used it in 18 months then it’s likely to be dusty, which will affect the prints a lot. Besides that, if you haven’t gotten new resin since then then you would need to since the resin expires after 1 year.
It isn’t likely for the Formlabs resin to go down in price since they’re the only seller of the resin, there would need to be competition for them to change the pricing of that. There’s other resins of course that are less than half the cost but since you can’t adjust the print settings of the printer(for exposure time, etc.) then the printer can’t be calibrated to use those resins as well. It’s a tradeoff since they are able to get things working really well with their own resins and that makes the printer very easy to use.

I would help but I’m not in jersey

I would prefer someone close, but maybe it can work out anyway.


I am in Philly. I think we spoke a few years ago. George Earussi at Creativegold. 215-925-3278 George@creativegold.com
I have form 2 machine