Giving Away 2 Form 1's!

Received this.

Shows and Events

This week, we’ll be at the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, CA! Pixologic and the Expo crew will be giving away two Form 1 printers over the course of theshow in both a live sculpt-off and hourly drawings. Two weeks later, 3D Printshow New York will be in full swing in NYC. If you’re at either event, find us and say hello!

Can i draw your attention to** " giving away two Form 1 printers"**

I would like to ask others who are awaiting delivery of overdue form 1 machines:-

Is this the biggest kick in the balls you have had for a long time ?

Get a grip you guys, you are infuriating me !

Hey Create Design,

I’m going to the Expo. If I win one of these form1s, I promise I will sell it to you for really cheap and then you can cancel your order that you are waiting for. Problem solved.

Yeah, that’s a bit cheeky that is.

For whatever reason, I missed this – I just wanted to let everyone know that those printers were purchased by the event sponsors and put through the regular procurement process.