Alternative product for cleaning resin tank


I am trying to get Novus one from Spain but the shipping cost are insanely high. Does anyone know a place where to buy from Spain or an alternative product for cleaning the resin tanks? I’ve seen these ones, but not sure if they will work?

Has anyone tried one of these?

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i don’t have answer to your specific question, but i try not to use any chemicals to clean the tray inner surface. I use a household silicon spatula to wipe the silicon layer in the tray, the one you’d use in your kitchen to scrape out the pots of mayo & the lot.

It’s cheap and made out of soft silicon, so it won’t damage the silicon layer in the tray. Another plus: on it’s backside, it has exactly the roundness your resin tray has in its corners, so the spatula fits in perfectly. For better handling, i just cut/saw off the handle so i’m left with only the silicon part to work with afterwards.

You can push the spatula fairly hard onto the silicon tray surface to remove any debris, and scrape sidewalls for same reason.
When 99% of the old resin is removed (and filtered for re-use), i pour in very little clean resin again, and repeat the procedure once more. All dirt is gone now, silicon layer in tray is not damaged it is and cleaned with product it is supposed to hold. Works like a charm, costs next to nothing and spatula is available in any grocery around your corner. Give it a try.



Thanks for your answer. I was not worried about the printing surface but for the other side. Some times I have resin spills there or fingerprints. I am also looking for a product for cleaning resin spills on the orange cover.

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FORMLABS support page says to use

You can find it on ebay too:

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