All prints failing

Since receiving my 1+ just before xmas I’ve only managed 2 or 3 successful prints from about 30 attempts.

Not trying anything too complex but have wasted a whole bottle of transparent and halfway through a white. Starting to lose patience now and thinking about returning the unit.

Is the 1+ not good at printing solid shapes? is it more suited to more delicate objects?

I’ve tried this about 5 times now

Every time it fails, either with or without supports in place (theres a good solid platform as part of the model)

I’m getting:

  • Flaking
  • Shape erosion
  • Total shape collapse
  • Half of model missing
  • Large chunks of solid plastic being left in tank (see video)

Is it user error? Or do I have a duff unit?

Can you post up your layout in Preform.

The Form1+ has trouble printing large solid objects, they create a lot of suction that puts a lot of strain on the print on each layer. What you can try to do with the model is hollow it out a bit, like make a large space in the bottom and then a cylinder space going up the lighthouse and that will help reduce the strain.

Alternately, it’s hard to tell without seeing some of the partial prints but it’s possible that the printer might be dusty, which is a problem that the From1/1+ will have.

Looking at the lighthouse I would tilt it off to the right so that the houses are facing up and hollow out the inside as much a you can.

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