After Firmwareupdate: First Print fails everytime

Hi Guys,

I have a weired problem on my Form2. I updated Preform and my printer to the latest version. Whenever I start to upload a job over wifi and directly try to start it, everything looks normal. After one hour when the small white inner circle says layer 1 is finished, nothing happens. Normally the printer starts to lift the bp.

Next, I abort the print. Than, the printer tryes to wipe, but did not lift the BP. Within this process the printer makes some loud cracking sound (wiper gear) and it bends the BP for some degrees. Next, he lifts the platform with a “plop” sound.

Than I try to remove the Buildplatform and can find the first layer perfectly cured.

After I removed the first layer I try to start the print again.

Now, the print works perfectly. Absolutely like everytime before.

This procedure is freaking me out. Has anybody noticed also some strange things like me?!

If you have not already tried this…

After your update, try shutting the printer down completely. Then restart the printer and do you upload/print.

I sometimes have issues with the printer right after (or during) an update. Restarting always fixes it. So I do this every time I update and have now issues.

Weird. Thanks for reporting it. You’all be glad to know that the sound you heard is not gears grinding but stepper motors skipping: it doesn’t damage the machine. I’m not sure what would have caused this but so long as it continues to work, I wouldn’t worry.

If you do see this behavior again, I would try adjusting the z fine tuning up a little bit.

Well, i still have this issue after shutting the printer completely down and restart him.

The printer starts to make the first layer, after the white inner circle in the status circle has moved for 360° it stopes, the circle stayes white and nothing happens. It´s like the printer is in freeze.

After this i removed the BP, removed the cured layer and did the following:

Now i reuploaded the job, first i noticed, that the printer now has filled the tank. Next, you can hear the high frequent sound of the stepper motors more clearly. The printer needs the same time for curing the first layer and, same as reported above, now everything works fine.

Is there a possibility to get a older PreForm and also a older Firmware for the Printer?

I need the printer for my Job and to waste half an hour for every print in the workshop really freaks me out.

Any suggestions?

I’d suggest talking with our support team. These are strange symptoms and they can help walk you through correcting things.

I am having the same issues!

Yaay i’m not alone.

i’ve reported my issues to Formlabs support a couple of hours ago.

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