Build Arm won't lift after 1st layer completes

I recently received my Form 2 and after a few prints I am now having the issue of the build arm not lifting after the 1st layer completes. The tray tries to shift back and forth, but the wiper arm cannot swipe new gel over the glass due to the build platform staying in place. The build arm only moves up after a print is aborted. I would appreciate any help, and hope it is something simple! Also, the preform program has suddenly started slowing down along with doubling in time to open and send files to the printer. I have restarted my machine, but just want to make sure this might not be an issue on why the arm is stuck.

You should get in touch with our support team so we can help determine why the build platform is struggling to lift between layers. Sometimes fixing this is as easy as adjusting the Z height in fine tuning. I wouldn’t suspect that the file upload time and platform issues are related but our support team will be best suited to help out.

Hey Frew, I did create a support ticket on this and hopefully will hear something soon. Also, I did reinstall preform and got rid of the slowdown for the first object/file I brought in. But I am finding that if I open another file it bogs down again and only works normally if I reinstall yet again, though works just for that one time. I think there is a memory leak with the program?, or something that is causing this issue? Do you know if meshmixer or another program can send prints to the form 2? Thanks for the response, and again thank you for the help!

I doubt that it’s something with Preform causing it, the software uploads the file to the printer and after that has nothing to do with the print process.

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