Adding resin to PRINTER order, or cancelling/refunding printer

I just tried to add 3 bottles of resin and a spare tray to my printer order, as I was told I could add resin to be shipped at the same time to avoid having to pay to ship my first bottles separately to the printer, but there was only space for one code, and the shipping seemed to indicate it would ship separately ( $120 or so, as opposed to being put in the same order)

I hit the ‘request quote’ button, and did get a quote… for shipping separately (so, $120 in shipping) without the discount codes applied.

The order for this was F3421. I sent an email (included the discount codes) but as the last time I emailed support, it was a month before i got a reply, I thought I’d be better off asking here.

I would appreciate if this could be fixed up, as I am anxious to get this added to my printer order BEFORE it ships- and there isn’t even an option to ‘hold’ the order until this is sorted. Though I think I’m the only backer who would like to delay their order -_-

If there is no option to add it to my order (or if I need to make a separate order in the vague hope that they’ll be combined and Maybe eventually I Might get refunded the extra if they aren’t shipped separately(…and probably before the printer, based off some of what I’ve seen in the forums…)) I would like to know how to go about getting a refund on the entire printer and shipping I’ve already paid. I do not like uncertainty…

To clarify, I am not cancelling my order over $120 resin-shipping (and won’t if it actually gets sorted out) it’s just the last straw-
The resin was misrepresented (not grey) the shipping on the printer was misrepresented (was first told $300…then when I went to pay turned out it was closer to $600. Which is why I want to at least get as much resin shipped with it as I can.), the reliability was misrepresented ( if it breaks or is miscalibrated, like a couple of people have already had happen, even if under warranty, it’d cost me close to $1200 in shipping to get it looked at) the accuracy was misrepresented, that there were consumables was not mentioned until after payment was made, the time to get it was grossly misrepresented - and I don’t even have the vaguest, foggiest estimate on whether my printer will ship tomorrow (making this resin problem incredibly urgent to me) or next year (If I had a solid ‘next year’ I’d have gotten a refund, and a different type of 3dprinter already. maybe that’s why they’re not giving estimates -_-) . I have had to delay MOVING HOUSE, until it shows up (now stuck in another 6 month rent contract.

Thankyou for your time,


Thank you for posting and I apologize for the difficulty you are having getting your order sorted out. We can bundle your purchase together no problem. Right now our system requires a manual adjustment for both multiple coupon code usage and consolidated shipping.

I will followup with you in your ticket request.