Resin is my enemy

Please read this and learn from my horrible and costly mistake. About two weeks ago while swapping the black resin for clear I wasn’t 100% focused on what I was doing. The tank slipped from my hand tipped over and dumped 1/2 to 3/4 of the tank onto the glass of the printer.

I cleaned it up as quickly as I could but there was just to much resin. After several emails with support, who have been very helpful, they determined I couldn’t get things working again,. Turns out there wasn’t much that wasn’t affected by the resin. Today I got the bill for my mistake, I am not going to get into exactly how much I have to pay to get my printer back but I can tell you I will be 100% focused from now on when changing resin tanks.

I still don’t know when I get my printer back but they tell me it will be as good as new. I can only hope that is the case.

Support has been amazing through this, They worked hard to save me as much money as possible.

It took two weeks to work up the nerve to post this because it was such a bonehead thing to do, but it all happened so quickly that I put my shame aside to hopefully keep someone making the same mistake.


Thanks for sharing, sorry to here it cost a lot to fix. I am new to SLA printing and have learned a lot from people sharing on this forum. I have learned that you must be careful working with these printers, they are sensitive machines and unforgiving to a lack of attention. I just today went to shake-up my Form 2 cartridge and forgot to close the vent on the top. Needless to say I had a big cleanup to do on carpet (form 2 is in spare bedroom). We have all been there from time to time. Chalk it up to experience and move on. that’s my moto. (and keep reading the forum and learning from others to hopefully prevent yourself from making the same mistakes).

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Thank you for sharing your experience with your mistake.
You learn a lot when you make mistakes.
And it makes you a little bit taller.:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

If there was a competition on making costly mistakes I would be right up there.

Think about all things that people are making with the printer. You will find something that you can produce and make
that money back and more.

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Thanks for the reminder :smiley:

Thanks for posting! Good reminder for the rest of us.

Sad to know. I hope you won’t face the same problem again. I don’t want to imagine myself in your place. Making such a mistake with such an expensive machine is NOT funny at all.

Good post. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I think spilling resin in the printer is probably the main thing I’d be worried about. Form2 not as much of an issue as the Form1, since it’s more enclosed

Zach the Form 2 is not a sealed as you would think, Resin definitely made it into the laser chamber and here is the list of what else needed to be cleaned / replaced.

• Aluminum shell (front)
• Aluminum shell (bottom)
• Mirror mount assembly
• Display assembly
• Display board cable
• Glass panel assembly
• Cartridge floor assembly
• Cover with magnets and gasket
• Waffle bottom base
• DC input cable
• Heater board cable
• Button cable
• Fiducial board cable
• Slide limit switch
• Slide limit switch cable
• Wiper limit switch
• Wiper limit switch cable
• Motherboard ground cable
• Tray carrier
• Tank shuttle ground cable
• Thermal gap pads
• Wiper holder
• Belt tensioning spring
• Timing belt
• Timing belt pulley
• Anti-backlash nut
• Left baffle
• Right baffle
• Real-time control board
• Mother board
• Heater board
• Level sense module

It would have been quicker to list what didn’t need repair :sob:

wow… I guess I got lucky.

I had a spill on my very first print. the glass was clean, but the internals were soaked. support had me open the printer up, wash down the boards with IPA, then close it all back up. it’s been working fine ever since!

Oh my god! this is scary :frowning2:

it sure is!

WAIT A SECOND!! A resin spill onto the top surface of the ‘sealed’ F2 leaks inside and covers and destroys all of the important bits!!! WHAT!!??

Apparently that aspect of the design is extremely poorly designed. I’m flabbergasted that that can ever happen given all they’ve dealt with by having an unsealed unit, the Form1. That is just wrong. Wow.

I thought it was supposed to be sealed as well but when I shined a light into the glass I could definitely see resin pooled beneath the mirrors and streaks of resin down the angled inside walls. I’m guessing if resin can get in so can dust. At least they are shipping me a referb instead of making me wait for mine.

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