Happy but also disappointed

so far I had some success and is incredible we can make pieces like these at home. But I’m disappointed in many aspects.

  • cost of shipping for consumables, I ship stuff to my clients all the time, your shipping costs are too high, shipping a bottle via USPS should not be more than $4.5 to anywhere in the US via flat rate 2 days.

  • cost or resin tray, mine didn’t even last 1 litter. About $50 for a piece of acrylic indispensable for the machine to print, and that last nothing, sounds to me like a ransom to let your machine operate. This should be sold close to your costs, or offer a recycle program where you credit us for sending you trays back, or simply sending you trays to be restored by a minimal fee, the machine is quite expensive already, and not perfect, many prints goes to trash because the system is still in development, and WE pay for that development by burning resin that we can’t sell to anyone.

-offer an option for advanced users to change the bottom of the resin tray themselves, sell just that part, be happy making money with the machines and resin, specially because failed prints accelerate a lot the process of ruin the tray.

-your resins are too expensive compared to other vendors

-you need more colors and kinds or resins

-the clear resin yellows pretty fast


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