Accura Bluestone

Anyone ever try running Accura Bluestone on the Form2 printer? Please share your story and results.

I don’t know about Bluestone but I used to run 4 of the 3d Vipers at my old job and much preferred the DSM Nanoform over the Bluestone. The Bluestone always seemed chalky when done building. At that particular company we were the beta site for many of 3d’s resins when they were first released. It was one of the few we opted not to “keep” at the end of the beta period.

I always wondered how well those resins (DSM, 3d, etc) would work in our Form 2. Never really got around to trying. Those resins are developed for 355nm laser and I believe the form 2 is around 405 ish? Price is always a big consideration when choosing resin for prototyping. Last I heard most of the resins for the Vipers were running around $300/kg. Ouch. Seeings you are asking about it, I am going to assume you knew that :slight_smile:

My other comment is both BS and Nano are Slllllllooooooooowwwwwwww resins. Either of those resins will require you to run your form 2 in open mode to try (not saying it would even work). No wiper and more importantly, no vat heating. I will say that if that if either of those resins are run at less than 27C they struggle in the 3dsystems Viper (100mw laser). I can’t imagine any better luck in a form 2 without the vat heater on.

Let me know if you try it out! I’d be interested in how it went.