About the problem of base compression and shedding

Hello everyone!
I succeeded when I first printed,The thickness of the full raft is standard.
When I print the second time,The raft is compressed and thinner than expected.

When I print a raft with a larger area, The raft is compressed and thinner than expected will also occur.
as the picture shows

When printing many small parts,The print’s raft partially separates from the build platform.
as the picture shows

Maybe I need more caffeine first, but I don’t understand what you’re telling us. Could you add some more explanation?

When he prints big objects with large bases, they stay stuck to the build plate. When he prints small objects with small bases, they do not. Need to increase initial base layer Z compression, I’d guess.

I’m sorry, my English is not very good,I have edited the content again, I hope you can understand.

Hey @leely!

Thanks for your question! As Randy mentioned above, this is likely a case of needing to increase the Z compression in your printer’s settings.

In the interest of making sure that process goes relatively smoothly, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team at the link below and they’d be happy to walk you through the steps so there’s no confusion at all. :slight_smile:


Thanks @leely! You’re English is excellent by the way.

Thank you so much!