Raft: None, but it still makes a raft

I’m trying to print a part directly on the build platform. It has a large flat surface that should bond well. However, Preform insists on adding an additional raft layer that kills the edge fillet that is part of the design. How do I turn this off?

FYI, I’m using adaptive layer height. I know it needs a couple of thick layers to bond to the build platform, that’s fine if it makes a slightly rough step, but as it is isn’t acceptable.

Hey @dar5000,

Thanks so much for taking the time to make a post. Great question.

What you’re seeing there actually isn’t a raft, but the compression mitigation that’s present in the first few layers to compensate for some slightly weird behaviors that can happen on the first few layers of an SLA print.

In order to adjust this area, you’ll actually want to look at the “Z Compression Correction” box further down the menu in your picture.

Hopefully, that helps!

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Thanks for responding. I tried playing with Z Compression. What I found is that it doesn’t actually change anything until I click “Auto Generate Selected”. Is there any way to get it to change or delete the ‘Z Compression Compensation’ geometry without telling it to ‘Auto Generate Selected’? I’m at a point where I really don’t want to do anything other delete delete something. I’ve spent a lot of time manually adding and rafts which largely goes away if I ‘Auto Generate’.


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