Print directly on build platform but with supports for overhangs?

Is it possible to print directly on the build platform but have supports for overhangs (either rafted, mini-rafted or no rafts for the supports)?

I attempted to do this the other day, but each time I attempted to manually generate a support point for an overhang, it created a raft for the entire part.

What am I missing here?

Select “None” for raft type and then “Auto-Generate Selected” or add the supports manually with “Edit…”

What you might be seeing as a raft here is the “Z-Compression Correction”, which is used to ensure your part is more accurate in Z, as the first few layers tend to be compressed. You can turn this knob down to zero if you like,


@CraigBroady, thanks for the prompt (and thorough) explanation!

This explains what I was seeing perfectly.

Two scenarios where you’d like to print directly on the build platform with only user generated touchpoints:

A. Works as expected.

  1. Change Advanced Settings (Z-Compression Correction or Early Layer Merge)
  2. Manually generate support (Edit -> Apply)

B. Does not work as expected (Step 2 does not live update the settings)

  1. Manually generate support (Edit -> Apply)
  2. Attempt to change Advanced Settings (Z-Compression Correction or Early Layer Merge)

Is this expected behavior? It seems unintuitive. If you create the touchpoints first, the only way I’ve been able to apply Advanced Settings edits is the following: you have to Edit Supports -> Generate a new touchpoint/delete one -> click Apply.

Clicking Auto-Generate Selected generates PreForm-suggested touchpoints.

Could another Apply button be added under the Advanced Settings or am I missing something here?

Yes, this is the expected behavior. And I’d tend to agree it seems a bit unintuitive when approached this way.

I’d recommend you open up a support ticket with this feature request. It is good feedback for our software development team.

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