Abilty to edit lable on support base

I found that if a Form file is miss named and the form file saved you can’t go back and edit the name that is shown on the support base even after changing the Form file name before opening in Preform or in editing the supports which should create a new base but it has the old name.

You can change the name of a model in the “Model Properties” dialog. You can get to that from either the right-click menu on an object, or from the “Model List”.

Once you’ve changed the name, you’ll need to rerun generate supports to get the raft updated.

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Thanks, That’s helpful to know.

FYI you don’t need to fully regenerate the supports to update the label, you just need to enter support edit mode, move one support points and validate that action. This also works for changing the “height above base” and base thickness.


Oh! That’s good to know, about the height above base and base thickness. Thank you for giving that additional information

On PreForm 2.17.0 where do you go to turn the base label on. I believe in previous versions it was in the Supports area.


No, the checkbox is still there in 2.17.0 and 2.17.1. It won’t appear if you’re using a material or printer which doesn’t support base labels. I don’t remember the list, but I think Flexible on a Form 2 has a different base, and the Form 1 doesn’t do base labels, for example.

I figured it out and was coming here to post it when I saw your reply. It is not an option on the Blue Castable Resin.


That’s right. The labeled bases haven’t passed all the tests with original Castable yet. They do work with Castable Wax.

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