PreForm back to old base design when CASTABLE is selected

I had to reinstall Preform 2.15.00 on my pc because I suddenly noticed that the base of the support looked like the old type flat base and with no option to label them in the menu??!! After reinstalling I still get the old style base and I absolutely need the latest version because I’m producing thousand of rings that I need to identify after printing! Very strange! Preform shows the old base style with no option to label the base when CASTABLE RESIN selected. It goes back to the latest base design when I switch to GREY or TOUGH resin. WHY???
Please Help!


What’s that link?

It’s an old version I can’t even select Castable V2

This is intentional behavior for the Castable Resin. We were seeing an uptick in print failures with the newest raft designs on Castable Resin, so those have been reverted to the legacy design.

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