Ability to cancel print of a single object that is currently being printed

When printing smaller objects I tend to print a few objects at once. It’s frustrating when a one or more objects fail but one or more are printing well. You have to either let the failed prints continue to harden resin onto the base and possibly partially cure resin above the failed section. Or you cancel the whole print even if one or more of the objects is turning out well.

So if the form1 was still connected to the computer or through an on board menu of some kind you had the ability to stop any objects that have failed while letting the rest finished that would be super great!

One suggestion for how this would work would be to have each object in the form file be given a unique name. That name could then be used via computer+Preform to tell the printer which object(s) to cancel or using the simple single button menu on the form1 to cycle through object names to cancel. On the Printer it self I would see this as an addition to the current cancel print option. Maybe something like long hold to get to the cancel menu. Then single short presses to cycle through names starting with “Cancel All” then each object name and a long hold on the name or “Cancel All” to do the canceling.


I like this too. But I would hate to cancel the wrong part. So I would like to see the PreForm window flip upside-down to match the built platform before selecting which one you want to cancel.

I agree that it would be great to have a view that made more sense when looking at the form1.

It would be really great to have a view mode that actually displayed a virtual version of the form1, build platform and objects. Also if in that mode the slice slider could move the build platform as if it were printing. Also while printing if it could match the current progress which like you say would make it much easier to tell which object to cancel.

I just cancelled a job with 1 out of 2 large parts doing OK and one completely failed. I would have let the one continue, but I didn’t want to trash the tank bottom. This would be a really nice little feature. Not too difficult technically, and it would make a real difference to users.